Setting our sights on a company that always pursues progress and development

We aim to become a company that can acquire reliability and respect from the society by delivering continued satisfaction to the clients through our business operations.
Our employees take pride in their jobs and work hard in friendly rivalry with each other, in which we seek possibilities for company growth and development.

For the Clients

In the fields of chemicals, resins, fertilizers, construction materials and many others, we wish to serve as an expert company that not only delivers the materials and products demanded by the clients, but also carefully focuses its sights on emerging tasks the clients are facing and thinks together with them to come up with optimum solutions.

For Our Company

In such sound and affluent involvements with the clients and the society, every employee strives for self-improvement and aims to attain further individual growth as a company member. We believe that these endeavors will culminate in sustainable growth and development of our company.

Corporate Philosophy and Management Principles

  • We aim to pursue corporate social responsibility.
  • We make every effort to secure profit, and to appropriately distribute this profit to our stakeholders.
  • We aim to make a trustworthy company that is recognized by society.
  • We aim to maintain sustainable corporate growth and enhance our corporate status by meeting continued challenges.

Concepts to Attain our Goals

  • Promotion of growth strategies
    In order to expand the scale of our operations to attain the above goal, the primary requisite is to take a great leap towards becoming a company that is recognized by society.
  • Challenges to emerging business fields
    We challenge emerging business fields that appeal to society.
  • Enhancement of corporate status
    Every employee aims to be a societally reliable business person.