Glycerin is a clear liquid with a viscous consistency, with no pronounced color and smell, with a slight sweetish taste. It belongs to the group of the simplest 3-atomic alcohols. The composition of most products of widespread use contains a certain proportion of glycerin. The substance is not poisonous and toxic to the human body and in fact is absolutely harmless. The density of glycerin is 1.261 g/cm ³.


Store in a tightly closed plastic or steel container in a well-ventilated area, do not allow direct sunlight. Mixed storage is prohibited: do not store the substance near a source of heat, oxidizing agents, acids. Recommended storage temperature: 5 ° C to 40 ° C

Properties and applications of pure glycerine


Glycerin is one of the most important substances in the world of oleochemicals as it is an ingredient that is applied to many products. It is an extremely versatile molecule that is used in virtually all fields of industry.

  • Food(food grade): additive E-422 present in many preparations.
  • Animal Food (feed grade): moisturizer, additive, etc.
  • Pharmacy/Medicine: different qualities depending on the established regulations (USP, EUP, GBP…), it can be used in multiple preparations such as suppositories, additives, lubricants, coadjuvants… In this sector, it is frequently used.
  • Other sectors such as: cosmetics, detergents, softeners, tobacco, explosives, esters, polymers, paints

As can be seen, this element is widely used in different sectors. And it is that its use is very extended in diverse types of businesses.

Glycerin is a very important medium in the oleochemical industry. Its plasticity and excellent properties allow a wide range of uses in different markets. The safety of plant Glycerol, the efficiency and performance of oleochemicals are sometimes superior to those of chemicals.

Oleochemicals are an increasingly attractive alternative for different industries, since they are a fairly ecological and profitable medium that also meets the highest expectations. For this reason, we make a wide range of products available to different markets in order to manufacture all types of industrial goods and articles.

Glycerin is, without a doubt, one of the most relevant and powerful substances in the oleochemical market.

Glycerin content, %≥ 99,7
Substances with an acid or alkaline reaction≤ 0,2 ml NaOH 0,1N
Refractive index (nD20)1,470-1,475
Aldehydes, md≤ 10
Ethers≥ 8 ml HCl 0,1N
Halogen compounds, md≤ 35
Chlorides, md≤ 10
Sulfates, md≤ 20
Heavy metals, md≤ 5
Water content, %≤ 0,2
Sulphated ash, %≤ 0,01
Relative density 20°C1,260-1,264
Color, APHA≤ 10