Used cooking oil UCO


Sampling for analysis of the FFA and MIU content of purchased vegetable fat raw materials and checking the correctness of their certification is carried out at the reception into storage capacities. Prior to storage, the values must correspond to the declared quality and, in the case of certification, must comply with the approved and prescribed conditions.

During dispensingand before dispatch of individual transport units, the cleanliness of the transport unit is checked. Sampling is performed for analysis of FFA and MIU content for shipped fat raw materials to the customer. Sampling is performed for each transport unit separately before dispatch to the customer. If the transport unit is divided then samples are taken from each separate section separately. If the transport unit is bulk, such as a tanker, then samples are taken from the bottom, middle and top. One composite sample is then made from these samples. Prior to shipment to the customer, the values must correspond to the declared quality.


Purchase: is carried out in tank trucks or in railway tanks or in containers with flexitanks up to 20 tons in weight.

Sale: In tank trucks using the carrier in accordance with applicable legislation. The company provides transport to the place of delivery. The place and date of delivery means the place specified by the customer in a specific order.

PARAMETERLight to dark yellowLiquid at temperatures above 40 °C
Norm –
5to 30to 10to 180 – 120to 1

High quality animal fat “Premium” if FFA does not exceed 5%, impurities do not exceed 0.15%, water does not exceed 0.5%

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